Top Benefits of Implementing Converged Networks for Business

Top Benefits of Implementing Converged Networks for Business

Converge network groups telephone, video, and data communication within a single network. This type of network offers convenience and flexibility that you cannot achieve with separate infrastructures.

Converge Network in a Company Setting

This type of network allows different services to operate without using too many cables. For instance, your company can deliver both power and data with the same cable with the help of a Power over Ethernet (PoE) switch.

Converge network can help you reduce costs and expenses while still enabling you to use multiple applications efficiently without juggling to manage different vendor-specific installations individually.

In a company setting, converge network can include:

  • VoIP: Voice over IP the delivery of voice and multimedia over Internet Protocol (IP) networks
  • HSIA: High-Speed Internet Access
  • Mobile POS: Point of sale services for mobile devices

Depending on your industry, more items and features can still be added. For example, in the hospitality industry-- converge network can also include the following:

  • In-room or on–property digital entertainment for hotels
  • Property Management System software
  • IPTV or Television delivered over Internet Protocol
  • Mobile POS or Point of sale services for mobile devices
  • Guest engagement features that will allow the establishment to personalize services and improve the guest experience

Setting up these technologies separately increases complexities, but a converged network can help you increase operational efficiencies.

Converged Network: How Does It Work?

As the name suggests, a converged network connects everything: telephone, video, and data communication within one network.

For this type of network to work, your equipment and devices need excellent enterprise-grade Internet that can support the devices that your team needs to get online-- this includes laptops, tablets, wearables, and smartphones.

A converged network offers a flexible and manageable way for the company to use multiple services without the added stress and resources. It offers high-quality service, communication, and optimization in one package which ensures connectivity for all technologies within the organization.

Advantages of a Converged Network

Here are some of the reasons why you should consider a converged network for your company:

A converged network offers easier network performance management.

Back in the day, multiple networks and services can only be managed individually which makes network performance management a challenge.

A converged network offers an efficient and scalable design that challenges enables properties to add new services and functionality more cost-effectively.

You can configure and monitor everything in a single common infrastructure regardless if it is onsite or off-streamlining management.

A converged network makes identifying and resolving issues easier which prevent them from becoming an even bigger problem.

A converged network simplifies cabling and hardware infrastructure.

Since a converged network connects different services, it allows you to simplify the cabling and hardware infrastructure.

Due to the much simpler setup, you can save a significant amount on cables and other elements.

A converged network allows you to utilize the same equipment and space for multiple systems. This type of network helps you eliminate redundancy while still optimizing the delivery of all services.

On top of that, once your converged network is ready-- the infrastructure makes it easier to add new services into the setup. This method is much more affordable than other options.

A converged network allows you to implement better energy resource management.

Managing, operating, and maintaining all your company systems through a single connection minimizes the need for technical and physical resources. You can save up on resources, manpower, and space. A converged network can help you reduce power usage and maintenance costs which in turn reduces overall environmental impact.

A converged network gives users a better experience.

Members of the company can use the internet on any devices within business grounds. This setup promotes productivity and can increase opportunities to produce output. It simplifies user experience and admin responsibilities.

This type of network setup gives users what they need to succeed in their respective tasks. Your improved, quality output can set you apart from the competition.


Technology constantly develops, changes, and improves. Being shortsighted on this matter will not do you any good. You need to look at the big picture while you are future-proofing your network in the company.

You need to consider the costs of multiple networks versus implementing and managing one scalable network. A converged network is flexible and you can modify it according to your business needs. You can save space, power, and effort while investing in what really matters.

Apr 28th 2021 Mike Anderson

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