Computer Storage Device Care: Types of Server Maintenance

Computer Storage Device Care: Types of Server Maintenance

Business offices need a corporate server to collect and send information across their network. A business network needs an adequate number of computer storage devices to keep things running. Since the server plays a significant part in most business operations, maintaining it should be done regularly to prevent any unplanned disruptions.

What is Server Maintenance?

As the name suggests, server maintenance involves the optimization and repair of server hardware such as computer storage devices, power supplies, system boards, and more. Server maintenance also checks the motherboards, CPUs, memory, hard drives, and host bus adaptors for damages. Professionals can make a diagnosis and advise you if you need to replace any of the server components.

Importance of Server Maintenance to Computer Storage Devices, Motherboards, and Other Hardware

Time is money so downtimes are the last thing you want to have when running a business. Server maintenance ensures that you don't need to worry about emergency repairs on your server.

If an issue is left unchecked, it could cause a bigger problem than it would have been if fixed on time. For instance, if the computer storage device attached to your server breaks down before you can even prepare for it-- you can lose a lot of data which can affect your reputation as a brand. On top of that, some damages can take a long time to fix which means you will be losing precious time to server repairs.

Your business should have scheduled server maintenance to check both software and hardware rather than be taken by surprise by an issue. By scheduling your maintenance, you can inform your clients about it ahead of time and other company members can plan their tasks accordingly.

Different Types of Server Maintenance Service

Many business operations rely on servers for a smooth sailing process, that is why you should keep this important element of your business in tiptop shape.

Servers can be really delicate so make sure that you work with knowledgeable IT professionals.

Here are different types of server maintenance services that you should know about:

Managed Server Maintenance

Managed server maintenance is done by a managed service provider who will handle the monitoring and upkeep of all your server equipment. The service providers will make sure that your server is at its best. They will check your log files, install software updates and patches, and perform regular back-ups.

This type of server maintenance service is best for companies that do not have their own in-house IT department.

Break/Fix Server Maintenance

This type of server maintenance service involves checking server equipment for breakage or failure. The service provider will then fix the damage. Break/fix server maintenance is normally done by a third-party service provider for companies with a dedicated IT team who are in charge of the regular monitoring and upkeep of server hardware like computer storage devices, memory, motherboards, etc.

Break/fix IT team usually consists of highly-trained engineers who can handle hardware replacements and more complex issues.


Server maintenance is like charging your phone. Although you can use your phone until it is drained, it means that you won't be able to use it until it has enough battery to boot. So-- you want to charge your phone before your phone is empty.

Server maintenance follows the same concept. You want to take care of your server before there is actually something wrong with it. 

Nov 12th 2021 Mike Anderson

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