5 Benefits Of Using HDD For Data Storage

5 Benefits Of Using HDD For Data Storage

A hard disk drive (HDD) or better known simply as a hard drive is a storage device in your computer that keeps different types of virtual data files and software applications. Through the hard drives, your motherboard is secured to be connected to your computer via power cables.

A typical HDD contains platter disks covered with a magnetic material wherein the data is stored. In terms of data storage, HDDs employ an orderly rotating pattern arranged in tracks broken into smaller areas known as sectors to accommodate each type of file. The data is written on these platters through the read/write heads.

With plenty of other storage devices in the market today particularly its known counterpart, the SSD or Solid State Drive, many are wondering if HDDs are still perceived with the same value as it did during the height of its sales as a vital computer component. In order to do so, let’s take a look at the benefits of using HDD for data storage based on its specs and reviews.

5 Benefits of using HDD for Data Storage

1.HDDs are more affordable compared to other data storage devices.

When it comes to affordability, HDDs are still considered as the most pocket friendly. Hard drives like the SAS-3Gbps HDD are a lot cheaper compared to SSDs of the same capacity. Evidently, the production cost of HDDs is relatively lower, and this cost is calculated per megabyte thus they in terms of prices they tend to cost less.

2.HDDs are readily available in the market.

The fact that HDDs have been in manufacture from an early part of computer production history suggests that they come in larger quantities in the market. Whether it’s an external or internal hard drive that you’re looking for, chances are you can definitely find one in a tech shop.

The availability of HDDs with SATA interface or with SAS interface like SAS-3Gbps HDD has long been advanced over SSDs with increasing demands. Unless of course there will be an exponential surge in the production of SSDs, the competition on availability may get tough. Nonetheless, many computer users are still purchasing HDDs especially if they aim to upgrade their PCs.

3.HDDs have a larger storage base capacity.

HDDs are found to have larger storage base capacity options with a standard size of 500 GB in the market which is more than half of the starting capacity of SSDs. Additionally, newer versions of HDDs released also contain larger storage capacity compared to the traditional ones. Expect that you can store a bulk of virtual data in a single drive. You can even easily find external hard drives that contain 6 TB in size.

4.HDDs have a non-volatile memory.

Losing data during the loss of power can be a nightmare. And this is true with volatile memory devices. In this occurrence, it is common to experience problems such as opening a particular application or file or loading the operating system.

The good thing about HDDs is it is non-volatile. For example, when a SAS-3Gbps HDD encounters power outage, it manages to retrieve the data. In this way, it warrants the safety and protection especially of valuable data on your computer. Moreover, new releases of HDDs are equipped with extra protective abilities such as shock resistance.

5.HDDs have a longer lifespan.

Having a higher read-write cycle is a clear advantage of HDDs as data is directly written on the platter disks. These platter disks have high durability and rarely deteriorate. Thus, they can last and function for a long time. On the other hand, SSDs have lower read-write cycles since flash memories can only handle a limited number of writes. Additionally, repetitive read/write cycles wear out the flash memories and shorten their lifespan.

The Bottom Line

While it is true that the competition between HDDs and SSDs is tough in the market, drive manufacturers are still confident in the quality and use of hard drives. SSDs are absolutely great upgrades with their compactness, speed, and energy efficiency. Nonetheless, hard drives still got their charms particularly on what they do best, and that is to store data.

HDDs like the SAS-3Gbps HDD are readily available and user-friendly in terms of cost and functions. If you’re looking for an affordable data storage device, there’s no doubt that you could definitely benefit from the latest hard disk drives in the market today.

Oct 6th 2020 Mike Anderson

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