HPE 518194-004 300GB 10kRPM 2.5in SAS-6G Enterprise G4-G7 HDD

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  • HPE 518194-004 300GB 10000RPM 2.5inch SFF Dual Port SAS-6Gbps Hot-Swap Enterprise Hard Drive for ProLiant Gen4 to Gen7 Servers (30 Days Warranty)
  • HPE 518194-004 300GB 10000RPM 2.5inch SFF Dual Port SAS-6Gbps Hot-Swap Enterprise Hard Drive for ProLiant Gen4 to Gen7 Servers (30 Days Warranty)


HPE 518194-004 300GB 10000RPM 2.5inch Small Form Factor Dual Port SAS-6Gbps Hot-Swap Enterprise Hard Drive for ProLiant Generation4 to Generation7 Servers (30 Days Warranty)

HPE Server Enterprise Hard Drives offer the highest level of performance and reliability for your most demanding application workloads. Enterprise drives help you improve server response times, power more transactions per second, and accelerate data transfer (I/O) speeds. HPE Server Enterprise Hard Drives are backed by over 3.35 million hours of the industry’s most rigorous testing and qualification program, ensuring customers' reliable, rugged drives. Prevent unauthorized access to your data with HPE Digitally Signed Firmware. It provides the security and assurance that drive firmware comes from a trusted source and protects against malicious attacks. The self-describing icons on the HPE Smart Carrier takes the guesswork out of a drive’s status, and a “do not remove” button prevents data loss from human error.

Performance and Reliability for Any Workload
HPE Server Enterprise Hard Drives are ideal for transaction processing, database applications, Big Data analytics, and high-performance computing.
Broad portfolio of customized solutions provide up to 2.4 TB of storage.
Efficient drives provide power for space constrained data centers.
Latest 12G SAS interface for increased performance.
Stable and consistent portfolio of drives offering long life cycles and steady supply.

Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) is the logical evolution of SCSI including its long-established software advantage and the serial physical connection interface. With enterprise storage requirements escalating and becoming more complex factors such as larger capacity greater density security scalability and accessibility are more critical than ever. Enterprise data centers must be online all the time fulfill requests from numerous users simultaneously allow for constant growth and expansion and be maintained while in operation. Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) meets all these demands while providing the highest performance.

The HPE 518194-004 Enterprise Hard Drive has a 2.5 inch form factor and 6 Gbps external data transfer rate. It has a spindle speed up to 10000 RPM and a 300 GB capacity. This Small Form Factor Dual Port Hard Drive uses a SAS-6Gbps interface and has 30 Days Warranty.


Brand: HPE
MPN: 518194-004

Option Part Number: 507127-B21
Spare Part Number: 507284-001
Model Number: EG0300FAWJD
Assembly Number: 518194-004
HPE GPN: 507129-004


Device Type: Hard Drive - Hot-Swap
Capacity: 300 GB
Form Factor: 2.5 Inch SFF
Interface: SAS 6Gbps
Bytes per Sector: 512
Drive Technology (Fill): Air
Carrier Type: Standard Carrier
Workload Type: Enterprise
Plug Type: Hot Plug
Enclosure Type: Hot-Swap
Features: Dual Port
Bundled with: HPE Standard Carrier


Drive Transfer Rate: 6 Gb/sec (external)
Spindle Speed: 10000 RPM
Average Seek Time: 4 ms
Max Seek Time: 7.45 ms
Track-to-Track Seek Time: 0.2 ms

Expansion & Connectivity

Interfaces: 1 x SAS 6Gb/s
Compatible Bays: 2.5" SFF

Product Dimensions & Weight

Width: 3.11 inch (7.90 cm)
Height: 0.63 inch (1.60 cm)
Depth: 5.45 inch (13.80 cm)
Weight: 1.60 lbs

Environmental Parameters

Max Operating Temperature: 35 °C
Min Operating Temperature: 10 °C

Compatibility Information

Designed for

HPE Integrity BL Series: BL860c i2, BL870c i2, BL890c i2 Servers

HPE ProLiant BL Series: BL460c Gen6, BL460c Gen7, BL465c Gen6, BL465c Gen7, BL620C Gen7, BL680c Gen7, BL685c Gen6, BL685c Gen7 Servers

HPE ProLiant DL Series: DL160 Gen6, DL160se Gen6, DL165 Gen7, DL165 Gen7 Performance, DL180 Gen6, DL320 Gen6, DL360 Gen6, DL360 Gen6 Base, DL360 Gen6 Efficiency, DL360 Gen6 Entry, DL360 Gen6 Performance, DL360 Gen7, DL360 Gen7 Base, DL360 Gen7 Central Management Server, DL360 Gen7 Efficiency, DL360 Gen7 Entry, DL360 Gen7 Performance, DL370 Gen6, DL370 Gen6 Base, DL370 Gen6 High Performance, DL370 Gen6 Performance, DL380 Gen6, DL380 Gen6 Base, DL380 Gen6 Entry, DL380 Gen6 High Efficiency, DL380 Gen6 Performance, DL380 Gen7, DL380 Gen7 Base, DL380 Gen7 Efficiency, DL380 Gen7 Entry, DL380 Gen7 Performance, DL385 Gen6, DL385 Gen6 Base, DL385 Gen6 Entry, DL385 Gen6 High Performance, DL385 Gen7, DL385 Gen7 Base, DL385 Gen7 Entry, DL385 Gen7 HE, DL385 Gen7 Performance, DL580 Gen5 Highly Serviceable Tower, DL580 Gen7, DL580 Gen7 Base, DL580 Gen7 High Performance, DL585 Gen5 Performance, DL585 Gen6, DL585 Gen6 Base, DL585 Gen6 Performance, DL585 Gen7, DL585 Gen7 Base, DL585 Gen7 Performance, DL785 Gen6, DL785 Gen6 Base, DL785 Gen6 Performance, DL980 Gen7 Servers

HPE ProLiant ML Series: ML110 Gen7, ML350 Gen6, ML350 Gen6 Base, ML350 Gen6 Performance, ML370 Gen6, ML370 Gen6 Base, ML370 Gen6 Entry Servers

HPE ProLiant WS Series: WS460c Gen6 Workstation Blade

HPE Modular Smart Array: P2000 Gen3 FC MSA Dual Controller Virtualization SAN Starter Kit

HPE StorageWorks D2200sb PCIe Storage Blade

HPE StorageWorks Disk Enclosure D2700

HPE StorageWorks Modular Smart Array: 2324fc Gen2 Dual Controller, 2324sa Gen2 DL380 Gen6 Package Cluster, 2324sa Gen2 Dual Controller, 70 Dual Domain, P2000 2.5-in Drive Bay Chassis and P2000 Gen3 FC/iSCSI Dual Combo Controller SFF Array

HPE StorageWorks Network Storage Blade X1800sb Gen2

HPE StorageWorks Network Storage Gateway X3800sb Gen2

HPE StorageWorks Network Storage System: X1600, X1600 292GB SAS Model, X1600 3TB SAS Model, X1600 5.4TB SAS Model, X1600 7.5TB SAS Model, X1600 Gen2, X1800, X1800 2.4TB SAS Model, X1800 292GB SAS Model, X1800 3.6TB SAS Model and X1800 Gen2

Contact us with any questions or to verify this model’s compatibility with your current server or storage array.

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Warranty Information

30 Days Warranty
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