HPE 503296-B21 460W 100V-240V AC Common Slot G6 G7 G8 G9 Power Supply

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  • HPE 503296-B21 460Watt 100V-240V AC High Efficiency Common Slot Power Supply for ProLiant Gen6 Gen7 Gen8 Gen9 Servers (Grade A with 30 Days Warranty)
  • HPE 503296-B21 460Watt 100V-240V AC High Efficiency Common Slot Power Supply for ProLiant Gen6 Gen7 Gen8 Gen9 Servers (Grade A with 30 Days Warranty)


HPE 503296-B21 460Watt 100V-240V AC High Efficiency Common Slot Power Supply for ProLiant Gen6 Gen7 Gen8 Gen9 Servers (30 Days Warranty)

HPE Common Slot Power Supplies share a common electrical and physical design that allows for hot-swap, tool-less installation into HPE server and storage solutions. These power supplies are available in multiple, high-efficiency input and output options, allowing you to "right-size" a power supply for specific server/storage configurations and environments. This flexibility helps to reduce power waste, lower overall energy costs, and avoid "trapped" power capacity in the data center. The power supplies provide the IT industry’s highest level of power efficiency (up to 96%), helping users to reduce power requirements per server and reducing overall data center power requirements. The Platinum Plus and Titanium power supplies also enable HPE Power Discovery Services which focus on increasing compute density while reducing data center outages.

The HPE 503296-B21 Common Slot Power Supply has a power capacity of 460 Watt. It works at an input voltage range of 100 Volt to 240 Volt AC. This Hot-Plug Power Supply has 30 Days Warranty.


Brand: HPE
MPN: 503296-B21

Option Part Number: 503296-B21
Spare Part Number: 499250-001
Spare Part Number: 511777-001
Spare Part Number: 536404-001
Model Number: DPS-460EB
Assembly Number: 499250-101


Device Type: Power Supply - Hot-Plug - Plug-in Module

Power Device

Input Voltage: AC 100-240 V
Frequency Required: 50/60 Hz
Power Capacity: 460 Watt
Efficiency: 90%+
80 PLUS Certification: 80 PLUS Gold


Application: ProLiant Gen6 Gen7 Gen8 Gen9
Feature: Hot-Pluggable

Product Dimensions & Weight

Height: 7.38 inch
Width: 10.38 inch
Depth: 16.31 inch
Weight: 8.00 lbs

Compatibility Information

Designed For

HPE ProLiant DL Series: DL320e Gen8 Base (460 Watt), DL320e Gen8 Performance (460 Watt), DL360 G7 Special Server (460 Watt), DL360e Gen8 (460 Watt), DL360e Gen8 Base (460 Watt), DL360e Gen8 Entry (460 Watt), DL360e Gen8 Performance (460 Watt), DL360e Gen8 Special Server (460 Watt), DL360p Gen8 (460 Watt), DL360p Gen8 Base (460 Watt), DL360p Gen8 CMS (460 Watt), DL360p Gen8 Entry (460 Watt), DL360p Gen8 High Performance (460 Watt), DL370 G6 Special Server (460 Watt), DL380 G6 (460 Watt), DL380 G6 Special Rack Server (460 Watt), DL380 G7 Special Server (460 Watt), DL380e Gen8 (460 Watt), DL380e Gen8 Base (460 Watt), DL380e Gen8 Entry (460 Watt), DL380e Gen8 High Performance (460 Watt), DL380e Gen8 Storage (460 Watt), DL380p Gen8 (460 Watt), DL380p Gen8 Base (460 Watt), DL380p Gen8 Entry (460 Watt), DL380p Gen8 High Performance (460 Watt), DL380p Gen8 Special (460 Watt), DL385p Gen8 (460 Watt), DL385p Gen8 Dedicated Workload (460 Watt), DL385p Gen8 Entry (460 Watt), DL385p Gen8 Maximized Consolidation (460 Watt), DL385p Gen8 Storage (460 Watt), DL385p Gen8 Storage Centric (460 Watt) Servers

HPE ProLiant ML Series: ML110 G7 Base (460 Watt), ML110 G7 Entry (460 Watt), ML110 G7 Performance (460 Watt), ML30 Gen9 (460 Watt), ML30 Gen9 Base (460 Watt), ML30 Gen9 Entry (460 Watt), ML30 Gen9 Performance (460 Watt), ML30 Gen9 Solution (460 Watt), ML310e Gen8 (460 Watt), ML310e Gen8 Base (460 Watt), ML310e Gen8 Entry (460 Watt), ML310e Gen8 Performance (460 Watt), ML310e Gen8 v2 (460 Watt), ML310e Gen8 v2 Base (460 Watt), ML310e Gen8 v2 Enty (460 Watt), ML310e Gen8 v2 Performance (460 Watt), ML350e Gen8 (460 Watt), ML350e Gen8 Base (460 Watt), ML350e Gen8 Entry (460 Watt), ML350e Gen8 Performance (460 Watt), ML350e Gen8 v2 (460 Watt), ML350e Gen8 v2 Base (460 Watt), ML350p Gen8 (460 Watt), ML350p Gen8 Base (460 Watt), ML350p Gen8 Entry (460 Watt), ML350p Gen8 Performance (460 Watt), ML350p Gen8 Special Server (460 Watt), ML370 G6 Special Server (460 Watt) Servers

Contact us with any questions or to verify this model’s compatibility with your current server or storage array.

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Warranty Information

30 Days Warranty
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