HPE 804631-X21 1.6TB 2.5in DS SATA-6G SC Mixed Use G9 G10 SSD

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  • HPE 804631-X21 1.6TB 2.5inch SFF Digitally Signed Firmware PLP SATA-6Gbps SC Mixed Use Solid State Drive for ProLiant Gen9 Gen10 Servers (Refurbished - Grade A with 30 Days Warranty)
  • HPE 804631-X21 1.6TB 2.5inch SFF Digitally Signed Firmware PLP SATA-6Gbps SC Mixed Use Solid State Drive for ProLiant Gen9 Gen10 Servers (Refurbished - Grade A with 30 Days Warranty)


HPE 804631-X21 1.6TB 2.5inch Small Form Factor Digitally Signed Firmware PLP SATA-6Gbps Smart Carrier Mixed Use Solid State Drive for ProLiant Gen9 Gen10 Server (Refurbished - Grade A with 30 Days Warranty)

HPE Server Mixed Use (MU) Solid State Drives (SSDs) deliver high performance and endurance while reducing power consumption for customers with applications requiring high random read and write IOPs performance. HPE MU SSDs offer the highest performance applications that need a balance of strong read and write and they typically have an endurance of between <1 and <10 drive writes per day. HPE SSDs are backed by over 2.4 million hours of the industry’s most rigorous testing and qualification program ensuring reliable, high performing drives. HPE integrated firmware protects data from malicious attacks that could change or destroy it. The self-describing icons on the HPE SMART Carrier takes the guess work out of a drive’s status and a “do not remove” button prevents data loss from human error. You can monitor the lifespan of your SSD with HPE SmartSSD Wear Gauge compatibility in management tools.

High Performance, Exceptional Reliability and Efficiency for Faster Business Results
HPE Mixed Use (MU) Solid State Drives (SSD) are ideal for Big Data Analytics, Cloud Computing, Active Archiving, Database Applications and Data Warehousing. Achieve higher Input / Output per Second (IOPs) to enhance the performance of your data center. Maintains data accuracy with full data-path error detection. A broad portfolio of optimized solutions in capacities up to 1.6 TB and growing. 12 GB SAS, 6 GB SATA and NVMe.

Smart Carriers
HPE Hard Drives with smart carriers are designed to provide an interface to communicate critical status and management information. System status LED icons and a spinning activity ring reflecting the data-writing process notify users of the current system status. A blue LED located behind the handle can be activated remotely to guide users to a specific drive tray, while a do-not-remove icon positioned on the tray's eject button lights up to warn users when the removal of the drive would cause data loss.

Digitally Signed Firmware: Prevent unauthorized access to your data with the expansion of integrated HPE Digitally Signed Firmware (DS) on new drives; providing the security and assurance that drive firmware comes from a trusted source and protects against malicious attacks.

The HPE 804631-X21 Mixed Use Solid State Drive has a 2.5 inch form factor and a 600 MBps data transfer rate. It has a 1.6 TB capacity. This Small Form Factor Digitally Signed Firmware solid state drive uses a SATA-6Gbps interface and has 30 Days Warranty.


Brand: HPE
MPN: 804631-X21

Option Part Number: 804631-X21
Spare Part Number: 805383-001
Model Number: LK1600GEYMV
Assembly Number: 804612-004


Device Type: Solid State Drive - Hot-Swap
Capacity: 1.6 TB
Form Factor: 2.5 inch SFF
Interface: SATA-6Gbps
Plug Type: Hot Pluggable
Carrier Type: Smart Carrier (SC)
Workload Type: Mixed Use
Features: Digitally Signed Firmware (DS), Power Loss Protection (PLP)
Bundled With: HPE Smart Carrier
Platform Supported: HPE ProLiant Rack/Tower/BladeSystem Servers/Synergy
Height: 0.6 inch


Endurance DWPD: 3.0
Drive Transfer Rate: 6 Gb/sec (external)
Max Seq. Reads Throughput (MiB/s): 535
Max Seq. Writes Throughput (MiB/s): 360
Random Read Avg. Latency uSec (4KiB,Q1): 115
Random Write Avg. Latency uSec (4KiB,Q1): 50
Random Read IOPS (4KiB, Q=16): 64000
Random Writes IOPS (4KiB, Q=16): 23000
MAX Random Read: 671000@Q32
MAX Random Write: 23000@Q32
4KiB Random 70% Read / 30% Write, Queue 32 Performance (IOPS) VI-1: 44000
4KiB Random 50% Read / 50% Write, Queue 32 Performance (IOPS) VI-2: 34000

Expansion & Connectivity

Interfaces: 1 x SATA-6Gb/s
Compatible Bay: 2.5" SFF

Power Consumption

Power Idle Time: 1.20 Watt
Power Random Read: 0.39 Watt
Power Random Write: 0.39 Watt
Power Sequential Read: 0.34 Watt
Power Sequential Write: 6.69 Watt
Power Random R/W: 0.39 Watt

Environmental Parameters

Min Operating Temperature: 32 °F
Max Operating Temperature: 140 °F

Compatibility Information

Designed For

HPE ProLiant DL Series: DL120 Gen9 (2.5inch), DL120 Gen9 Entry (2.5inch), DL160 Gen9 (2.5inch), DL160 Gen9 Base (2.5inch), DL160 Gen9 Entry (2.5inch), DL160 Gen9 Performance (2.5inch), DL180 Gen9 (2.5inch), DL180 Gen9 Base (2.5inch), DL180 Gen9 Entry (2.5inch), DL180 Gen9 Storage (2.5inch), DL20 Gen9 (2.5inch), DL20 Gen9 Entry (2.5inch), DL20 Gen9 Performance (2.5inch), DL320e Gen8 (2.5inch), DL320e Gen8 Base (2.5inch), DL320e Gen8 Entry (2.5inch), DL320e Gen8 Performance (2.5inch), DL320e Gen8 Special Server (2.5inch), DL320e Gen8 v2 (2.5inch), DL320e Gen8 v2 Base (2.5inch), DL320e Gen8 v2 Entry (2.5inch), DL320e Gen8 v2 Performance (2.5inch), DL360 Gen9 (2.5inch), DL360 Gen9 Base (2.5inch), DL360 Gen9 CMS (2.5inch), DL360 Gen9 Entry (2.5inch), DL360 Gen9 Performance (2.5inch), DL360 Gen9 Special Server (2.5inch), DL360e Gen8 Special Server (2.5inch), DL360p Gen8 (2.5inch), DL360p Gen8 CMS (2.5inch), DL360p Gen8 Performance (2.5inch), DL360p Gen8 Special Server (2.5inch), DL380 Gen9 (2.5inch), DL380 Gen9 Base (2.5inch), DL380 Gen9 Entry (2.5inch), DL380 Gen9 High Performance (2.5inch), DL380 Gen9 Performance (2.5inch), DL380p Gen8 Performance (2.5inch), DL385p Gen8 Entry (2.5inch), DL385p Gen8 Storage Centric (2.5inch), DL388 Gen9 (2.5inch), DL388 Gen9 Base (2.5inch), DL580 Gen9 (2.5inch), DL580 Gen9 Database (2.5inch), DL580 Gen9 SAP HANA Scale-up Base Configuration (2.5inch), DL60 Gen9 (2.5inch), DL60 Gen9 Base (2.5inch), DL60 Gen9 Entry (2.5inch), DL80 Gen9 (2.5inch), DL80 Gen9 Base (2.5inch), DL80 Gen9 Entry (2.5inch), for Microsoft Azure Stack

HPE ProLiant ML Series: ML110 Gen9 (2.5inch), ML110 Gen9 Base (2.5inch), ML110 Gen9 Entry (2.5inch), ML150 Gen9 (2.5inch), ML150 Gen9 Base (2.5inch), ML150 Gen9 Entry (2.5inch), ML150 Gen9 Performance (2.5inch), ML310e Gen8 (2.5inch), ML310e Gen8 Base (2.5inch), ML310e Gen8 Entry (2.5inch), ML310e Gen8 Performance (2.5inch), ML310e Gen8 v2 (2.5inch), ML310e Gen8 v2 Base (2.5inch), ML310e Gen8 v2 Enty (2.5inch), ML310e Gen8 v2 Performance (2.5inch)

HPE ProLiant XL Series: XL230a Gen9 Compute Tray (2.5inch), XL230a Gen9 Compute Tray (12G) (2.5inch), XL230a Gen9 Compute Tray (6G) (2.5inch), XL250a Gen9 Accelerator Tray (2.5inch)

Contact us with any questions or to verify this model’s compatibility with your current server or storage array.

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Warranty Information

30 Days Warranty
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