HPE 741135-003-SC 800GB 2.5in HE SAS-12G Enterprise Performance SSD

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HPE 741135-003-SC 800GB 2.5inch Small Form Factor (SFF) High Endurance SAS-12Gbps Smart carrier Enterprise Performance Solid State Drive for ProLiant Gen8 Gen9 Servers (New Bulk Pack With 90 Days Warranty)

HPE Enterprise Performance 12G SAS and 6G SATA SSDs provide high performance and endurance. They are best suited for mission-critical enterprise environments with workloads high in both reads and writes. SAS SSDs transfer data at full duplex allowing greater I/O bandwidth to alleviate bottlenecks. Additionally SAS uses SCSI commands for error recovery and error reporting, which have more functionality than the ATA command set used by serial ATA (SATA).

HPE Enterprise Value Solid State Drives
HPE Enterprise Value 12G SAS and 6G SATA SSDs deliver enterprise features for a low price in HPE ProLiant Gen8 server systems. This entry-level pricing is fueling rapid SSD adoption for read-intensive workloads because the cost per IOPS compares very favorably to 72 GB and 146 GB 15K HDDs. Available capacities for the HPE Enterprise Value12G SAS SSDs are 800 GB and 1.6 TB. The 6G SATA SSDs are available in 240 GB, 480 GB, and 800 GB capacities. HPE Enterprise Boot SSDs come in capacities of 80 GB and 120 GB and include an Endurance Manager feature to dynamically throttle writes, which maintains endurance for boot/ swap applications.

Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) is the logical evolution of SCSI including its long-established software advantage and the serial physical connection interface. With enterprise storage requirements escalating and becoming more complex factors such as larger capacity greater density security scalability and accessibility are more critical than ever. Enterprise data centers must be online all the time fulfill requests from numerous users simultaneously allow for constant growth and expansion and be maintained while in operation. Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) meets all these demands while providing the highest performance.

Smart Carriers
HPE Hard Drives with smart carriers are designed to provide an interface to communicate critical status and management information. System status LED icons and a spinning activity ring reflecting the data-writing process notify users of the current system status. A blue LED located behind the handle can be activated remotely to guide users to a specific drive tray, while a do-not-remove icon positioned on the tray's eject button lights up to warn users when the removal of the drive would cause data loss.

The HPE 741135-003-SC High Endurance Solid State Drive has a 2.5 inch form factor and a 12 Gbps external data transfer rate. It has 800 GB capacity. This Small Form Factor Enterprise Performance Solid State Drive uses a SAS-12Gbps interface and has 90 Days Warranty.


Brand: HPE
MPN: 741135-003-SC

Option Part Number: 741159-B21
Spare Part Number: 741234-001
Model Number: EO0800JDVFC
Assembly Number: 741135-003


Device Type: Solid State Drive - Hot-Swap
Capacity: 800 GB
Form Factor: 2.5 inch SFF
Interface Type: SAS 12Gbps
Logical Blocks: 512 bytes
Plug Type: Hot Pluggable
Carrier Type: Smart Carrier (SC)
Workload Type: Enterprise Performance
Features: High Endurance
Bundled with: HPE Smart Carrier (SC)
Platform Supported: HPE ProLiant Rack/Tower/BladeSystem Servers/Synergy
Height: 15 mm (0.6 inch)


Drive Transfer Rate: 12 Gb/sec (external)
Sequential Reads (MB/s): 1000
Sequential Writes (MB/s): 560
Random Reads (IOPS): 87000
Random Writes (IOPS): 73000

Expansion & Connectivity

Interfaces: 1 x SAS 12 Gb/s
Compatible Bay: 2.5" SFF


Power Consumption: 9 Watt

Product Dimensions & Weight

Height: 5.50 inch
Width: 7.30 inch
Depth: 8.80 inch
Weight: 1.50 lbs

Environmental Parameters

Min Operating Temperature: 32 °F
Max Operating Temperature: 140 °F

Compatibility Information

Designed for

HPE ProLiant BL Series: BL420c (Gen8 Gen9) BL460c (Gen8 Gen9) BL465c (Gen8 Gen9) BL660c (Gen8 Gen9)

HPE ProLiant DL Series: DL20 (Gen9) DL60 (Gen9) DL80 (Gen9) DL120 (Gen8 Gen9) DL160 (Gen8 Gen9) DL180 (Gen8 Gen9) DL320e (Gen8 Gen9) DL360 (Gen8 Gen9) DL360e (Gen8 Gen9) DL388 (Gen9) DL360p (Gen8 Gen9) DL380 (Gen8 Gen9) DL380e (Gen8 Gen9) DL380p (Gen8 Gen9) DL385p (Gen8 Gen9) DL560 (Gen8 Gen9) DL580 (Gen8 Gen9)

HPE ProLiant ML Series: ML110 (Gen8 Gen9) ML150 (Gen8 Gen9) ML310e (Gen8 Gen9) ML350 (Gen8 Gen9) ML350e (Gen8 Gen9) ML350p (Gen8 Gen9)

HPE ProLiant SL Series: SL230s (Gen8 Gen9) SL250s (Gen8 Gen9) SL270s (Gen8 Gen9)

HPE ProLiant XL Series: XL170r (Gen9) XL190r (Gen9) XL220a (Gen9) XL230a (Gen9) XL250a (Gen9)

HPE Storage Arrays Series: D3700 D2220sb

HPE StoreEasy: 1830 1840

HPE StoreVirtual (VSA): 4130 4330 4330(FC) 4335 4335 (Hybrid SAN) 4530 4630 4730 4730(FC)

HPE Synergy Series: D3940 Storage Module

Contact us with any questions or to verify this model’s compatibility with your current server or storage array.

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Warranty Information

90 Days Warranty
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