HPE 631922-B21 512MB Dynamic Smart Array FBWC Controller for G8 G9

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HPE 631922-B21 512MB 36inch Cable Dynamic Smart Array Flash Backed Write Cache Controller Cache Memory for ProLiant Generation8 Generation9 Servers (New Bulk Pack with 90 Days Warranty)

HPE Dynamic Smart Array is a RAID solution combining a storage host bus adapter (HBA) and proprietary software components. Eliminating most of the hardware RAID controller components and relocating advanced RAID algorithms from a hardware-based controller into device driver software lowers the total solution cost, while still maintaining comparable RAID protection and full compatibility with Smart Array disk format, configuration utilities, and management/monitoring software. The Dynamic Smart Array controllers share the same easy and consistent UI with standup Smart Array controllers, thus making storage management and deployment easier for IT workers. It has 90 Days Warranty .


Brand: HPE
MPN: 631922-B21

Option Part Number: 631922-B21
Spare Part Number: 633541-001


Product Type: Flash Backed Write Cache
Category: ProLiant Controller
Sub-Category: Smart Array
Generation: B-series
Memory Size: 512 MB
Application / Usage: Server
Data Backup Type: Flash

Dimensions and Weight

Weight: 1.50 lbs
Width: 4.20 inch
Height: 2.21 inch
Depth: 6.20 inch

Compatibility Information

Designed for

HPE ProLiant DL Series: DL160 G8 G9 (Gen8 Gen9) DL160 G8 G9 (Gen8 Gen9) Base DL160 G8 G9 (Gen8 Gen9) Entry DL160 G8 G9 (Gen8 Gen9) Performance DL360e G8 G9 (Gen8 Gen9) DL360e G8 G9 (Gen8 Gen9) Base DL360e G8 G9 (Gen8 Gen9) Entry DL360e G8 G9 (Gen8 Gen9) Performance DL380e G8 G9 (Gen8 Gen9) DL380e G8 G9 (Gen8 Gen9) Base DL380e G8 G9 (Gen8 Gen9) Entry DL380e G8 G9 (Gen8 Gen9) High Performance DL380e G8 G9 (Gen8 Gen9) Storage

HPE ProLiant ML Series:ML350e G8 G9 (Gen8 Gen9) ML350e G8 G9 (Gen8 Gen9) Base ML350e G8 G9 (Gen8 Gen9) Entry ML350e G8 G9 (Gen8 Gen9) Performance

Contact us with any questions or to verify this model’s compatibility with your current server or storage array.

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Warranty Information

90 Days Warranty
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