HPE 498152-001 1200W Common Slot Redundant Power Supply

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HPE 498152-001 1200 Watt High Efficiency 80 Plus Silver Common Slot Hot-Swap Rack-Mountable Redundant AC Power Supply for ProLiant Server

HPE 498152-001 power supply has a power capacity of 1200Watt and has internal active cooling system.This 85% Efficient Common Slot power supply has 1 Year Warranty from us.


Brand: HPE
Model: 498152-001
MPN: 498152-001


Device Type: Power Supply Redundant/Hot-Swap/Rack-Mountable
Cooling: Active Fan
Specification Compliance: Common Slot
Power Capacity: 1200 Watt
Efficiency: 85%
Certification: 80 Plus Silver
Height (Rack Units): 1U
Output Voltage: 12V

Compatibility Information

Designed for

HPE ProLiant DL Series: DL2x170h G6 (1200 Watt) DL360 G6 (1200 Watt) DL360 G6 Base (1200 Watt) DL360 G6 Efficiency (1200 Watt) DL360 G6 Entry (1200 Watt) DL360 G6 Performance (1200 Watt) DL360 G7 DL360 G7 Base DL360 G7 Central Management Server DL360 G7 Efficiency DL360 G7 Entry DL360 G7 Performance DL370 G6 (1200 Watt) DL370 G6 Base DL370 G6 High Performance DL370 G6 Performance (1200 Watt) DL380 G6 (1200 Watt) DL380 G6 Base (1200 Watt) DL380 G6 Entry (1200 Watt) DL380 G6 High Efficiency (1200 Watt) DL380 G6 Performance (1200 Watt) DL385 G5p (1200 Watt) DL385 G5p Base (1200 Watt) DL385 G5p Entry (1200 Watt) DL385 G5p High Performance (1200 Watt) DL385 G6 (1200 Watt) DL385 G6 Base (1200 Watt) DL385 G6 Entry (1200 Watt) DL385 G6 High Performance (1200 Watt) DL4x170h G6 (1200 Watt) DL580 G7 DL580 G7 Base DL580 G7 High Performance DL585 G7 DL585 G7 Base DL585 G7 Performance DL785 G6 (1200 Watt) DL785 G6 Base (1200 Watt) DL785 G6 Performance (1200 Watt)

HPE ProLiant ML Series: ML350 G6 (1200 Watt) ML350 G6 Base (1200 Watt) ML350 G6 Entry (1200 Watt) ML350 G6 Performance (1200 Watt) ML370 G6 ML370 G6 Base (1200 Watt) ML370 G6 Entry (1200 Watt)

HPE ProLiant SL Series: SL160s G6 (1200 Watt) SL160z G6 (1200 Watt) SL165s G7 SL165z G6 (1200 Watt) SL165z G7 (1200 Watt) SL170z G6 (1200 Watt) SL2x170z G6 (1200 Watt)

Contact with us if you have any question or to know the compatibility of this Product with your current server or storage array.

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Warranty Information

1 Year Warranty
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