HPE 375874-013 300GB 15000RPM 3.5inch SAS-3Gbps Hot-Swap G1-G7 HDD

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HPE 375874-013 300 GB 15000 RPM 3.5 Inch Large Form Factor SAS-3Gbps Hot-Swap Dual Port Internal Hard Drive for Generation1 to Genearation7 ProLiant Servers

The HPE 375874-013 model internal hard drive has a 3.5inch form factor and a 3Gbps external data transfer rate. It has a spindle speed of up to 15000RPM and a 300GB capacity. This Large Form Factor hard drive uses a SAS-3Gbps interface and has Lifetime Warranty from us.


Brand: HPE
MPN: 375874-013


Device Type: Hard Drive -Internal
HDD Capacity: 300GB
Form Factor: 3.5 Inch LFF
Interface: SAS-3Gbps
Spindle Speed: 15000 RPM
External Data Transfer Rate: 300 MBps

Expansion & Connectivity

Interfaces: 1 x Serial Attached SCSI

Compatibility Information

Designed for

HPE ProLiant DL Series: DL120 G6 Base, DL120 G6 Performance, DL140 G3, DL145 G3, DL160 G5 (3.5 inch), DL160 G5p (3.5 inch), DL160 G6 (3.5 inch), DL160se G6 (3.5 inch), DL165 G5, DL165 G6, DL165 G7 (3.5 inch), DL170h G6 (3.5 inch), DL180, DL180 G5 (3.5 inch), DL180 G6 (3.5 inch), DL185 G5 (3.5 inch), DL185 G5 2.4TB SAS Storage Server, DL185 G5 5.4TB SAS Storage Server, DL185 G5 Base SAS Storage Server, DL320 G5 (3.5 inch), DL320 G5p, DL320 G6 (3.5 inch), DL320 G6 Performance, DL320s, DL380 G6 (3.5 inch), DL385 G5p Base (3.5 inch), DL385 G5p High Performance (3.5 inch), DL385 G6 (3.5 inch), DL385 G6 Base (3.5 inch), DL385 G6 Entry (3.5 inch), DL385 G6 High Performance (3.5 inch), DL385 G7 (3.5 inch)

HPE ProLiant ML Series: ML150 G5 (3.5 inch), ML150 G5 Base, ML150 G5 Performance, ML150 G6, ML150 G6 Base, ML150 G6 Performance, ML310 G4, ML310 G5, ML330 G6, ML330 G6 Base, ML330 G6 Entry, ML350 G5 (3.5 inch), ML350 G5 1.5 TB Storage Server, ML350 G5 1.8TB SAS Storage Server, ML350 G5 3 TB Storage Server, ML350 G5 960 GB Storage Server, ML350 G5 Entry, ML350 G6 (3.5 inch), ML350 G6 Base (3.5 inch), ML350 G6 Entry (3.5 inch), ML350 G6 Performance (3.5 inch)

HPE StorageWorks Modular Smart Array 60, 60 Starter Kit

Product Features

Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) is the logical evolution of SCSI including its long-established software advantage and the serial physical connection interface. With enterprise storage requirements escalating and becoming more complex factors such as larger capacity greater density security scalability and accessibility are more critical than ever. Enterprise data centers must be online all the time fulfill requests from numerous users simultaneously allow for constant growth and expansion and be maintained while in operation. Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) meets all these demands while providing the highest performance.

Contact us if you have any question about this product to verify the compatibility of this model with your current server or storage array.

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Warranty Information

Lifetime Warranty
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